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Your only Craig Nicholls Icon community!

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Welcome to craig_icons, the only community for all your Craig Nicholls/Vines graphic needs.

[x] Please only post Craig Nicholls or Vines related icons. This means icons of Craig, Patrick, Hamish or Ryan. Vines video's are welcome, Vines photoshoots, anything involving Craig. No White Stripes, no Strokes, and definetly no Hives.
[x] Please credit the icon maker. Comment as much as you can, they like they're feedback. Rules on crediting can be found here.
[x] Lj-cuts must be used when posting more than THREE icons and ALL larger graphics. ALL requests must be placed under a lj-cut also. If you don't know how, go here.
[x] Do not ask where to find pictures. It gets annoying and is spam. I have provided the two best web sites for screencaps and scans below.
[x] Do not post off-topic posts. Do not post enteries about how much you love Craig Nicholls or anything of the sort. That's what communities like these are for:
all_about_craig, craigs_hair, lets_fuck_craig, thevines
[x] Do not promote you community here. The only exception is if it's Craig or Vines related.
[x] Do not take members' personal icons, unless stated otherwise.
[x] Watch the language. This doesn't happen often, but we've had someone before. Don't bash people for their icons, and don't go annonymous to do it.
[x] These are rules, not guidelines.

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